About Project Vegan 716


Marcy Zastrow, aka The Vegan Educator, became a Certified Vegan Lifestyle Coach and Educator in April 2015 after attending an intensive program at the Main Street Vegan Academy in New York City under the direction of Victoria Moran.  The Vegan Educator has followed a vegan lifestyle for over 25 years.  After being a quiet vegan for most of those years, she realized that there are many people who are interested in following a vegan lifestyle but need more support to make the transition.  There are also many misconceptions about vegans that tend to shed a negative light on veganism.  The Vegan Educator was established to help dispel the myths about veganism, to celebrate the benefits of following a vegan lifestyle, and to help others transition to a vegan diet and/or lifestyle.  Shown here are Craig Casler, VLCE; Victoria Moran, founder of The Main Street Vegan Academy; Lisa, VLCE; Marcy Zastrow; and her niece Christina at the Erie, PA Vegfest.

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Plant Based Nutrition

Marcy Zastrow earned her T. Colin Campbell Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate through eCornell in February 2019.


Certified Vegan Lifestyle Coach and Educator


Putting over 25 years of experience following a vegan lifestyle to work as a Certified Vegan Lifestyle Coach and Educator.  I became certified on April 15, 2015 through the Main Street Vegan Academy.  Check out more about the academy at:


Foster Care Provider

I provide foster care to cats and kittens through the SPCA Serving Erie County and A Purr-fect Fit Animal Rescue and Adoption.  Shown here is my first foster kitten, Pip, who came to me at only a day old with her mom, Annabelle, and brother, Boo. I got to watch her open her eyes and ears, take her first steps, and master the amazing feat of climbing all the way up my leg and to my shoulder while I was standing.  Since Pip I have fostered 24 more cats and kittens.  I am currently fostering 3 siblings who are in long-term foster care.